Cuyutlán: Sea Turtles & Salt

This is a great tour for the whole family, or anyone interested in wildlife and conservation!

Join Experience Mex-ECO Tours on a trip to the ‘Centro Ecológico de Cuyutlán’, an ecological centre that promotes environmental awareness and conservation, concentrating on sea turtle species that nest on the beaches of Colima, the american crocodile, and local iguana species. Enjoy a boat ride through the mangroves of the Cuyutlán lagoon, keeping your eyes peeled for crocodiles and the diverse array of bird species that inhabit the area. Back at the centre you can learn about these different species, and get a close-up glimpse at some rescued animals.

After a morning at the centre and time for lunch, we take you to learn about Colima’s salt production. The salt collected from Cuyutlán is extremely high quality, and can be compared to Himalayan salt. Learn about the process behind this salt production, and the properties that make it Mexico’s premium salt.



Contact us to arrange this tour on the dates of your choice.


$1,350 Pesos per person, based on a minimum of 6 people.


Entry fees & boat ride included.