Airport Transfers:

Experience Mex-ECO Tours works with local guides and transport companies to offer private and shuttle transfer services between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, as well as to/from other locations such as Guadalajara and Colima. All vehicles carry Federal Tourism licence plates and the required insurance for these services.

Please read the following information, and if you wish to reserve a transfer, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Please note: if you are traveling with your pet, you will need to select the private service.


Groups of 1 – 3 people will travel in a Honda BRV (or similar).

Groups of 4 – 7 people will travel in a Hiace Van (or similar).

Groups of 8 – 14 people will travel in a Mercedes Sprinter (or similar).


Prices valid until September 2021:

Shuttle service (minimum 3 people):

$950 pesos per person

Private services:

Up to 3 people: $2,850 pesos

4 – 7 people: $5,500 pesos

8 – 14 people: $9,500 pesos


  1. You will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of this service, and our drivers will do the same.
  2. All vehicles are cleaned between services, and carry alcohol gel for sterilizing hands before entering the vehicle, and in the event it is needed during the trip.
  3. Upon arrival to the airport, you will need to exit the building, where one of our team will be waiting for you with a Mex-ECO Tours sign (see below), and in the case of private transfers, with your name under the logo


Please write out the month to avoid confusion, e.g. 11 November 2020
The location at which your transfer will begin, e.g. Puerto Vallarta airport, Melaque etc.
Where will you be travelling to? Please specify name of hotel (or address for private residences), and the town.
In the event your transfer originates at an airport, please provide this information.
Please refer to information at the top of this page.
Please note, this is only available for private services.
If you are travelling with others, please put their full names in this section