Environmental Impact

As an eco-conscious company, Experience Mex-ECO Tours is making an effort to reduce our environmental impact by making the transition to GOING PAPERLESS with all our tour information, as well as offering ALTERNATIVES to single-use plastic bottles and plastic bags on our tours. Once you have made your deposit for your tour, please request your Mex-ECO bottle and shopping bag in one of our offices. Your payment receipts will be sent to you via e-mail, as will your tour itinerary and any other pre-departure information. Our itineraries are in pdf format that can be saved on your phone or tablet, and our guides will remind you of each day’s activities during your tour.

We also encourage you to consider the 4Rs as a long term strategy towards reducing your environmental impact:


Start refusing disposable plastic whenever you can. A good start is to carry your own shopping bags, select food items that are not in unnecessary plastic wrapping, carry reusable containers if you are going to order food to take-away, and refuse plastic straws.


By cutting down on products that contain excessive plastic packaging or parts, you will be reducing waste and helping increase pressure on manufacturers to seek alternatives.


Stick with containers, utensils etc. that you can reuse; there are many alternative options to single-use plastic, such as glass, stainless steel and ceramic.


When you absolutely cannot refuse or reuse (such as trash bags), then consider products made with recycled and/or biodegradable materials, and dispose of your trash in recycle bins.