Cuzalapa Coffee Tour

Join us on one of our day trips to Cuzalapa, inside the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve, to witness the production of the tastiest coffee in the region. This shade grown coffee is produced by a group of local indigenous women who have lived and worked in the Cuzalapa area over generations, and in 2001 formed a cooperative to produce and sell handicrafts, coffee and fruit based products typical of the area. The cooperative takes the name ‘Color de la Tierra’ (colour of the earth) after the rich and variable colours of the soil and its produce; learn how these women came together to form a sustainable project and how they interact with their environment.

You can now also join us on one or more of our series of workshops with the Color de la Tierra Coop, including:

Medicinal plants
Mojote (Maya nut)
Create your own orchard

By accompanying us on one of these tours, you will be supporting ‘Color de la Tierra’ in the maintenance of their project. This tour is guided by the women of the cooperative, with translation from Mex-ECO Tours staff.



Coffee tour: flexible, subject to availability

Workshops: dates to be announced.


Coffee tour: $1,350 Pesos per person


Price includes lunch.